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Ready 24/7

Blue Cap Plumbing is ready to take the emergency call. We know how important it is to get your service done quickly and more importantly correctly. It only requires one visit for Blue Cap to get the job done.

Well Equiped

We ensure to bring all the necessary tools and equipment to provide our customers quality performance. Our focus is to give our customers an experience they can value and know to trust Blue Cap Plumbing

Measure The Job

Every job and client is different and needs to be inspected carefully. Making the right measurements of each job requirements is important to our client and to us.

Save Homes

The end goal for each project is to leave our client’s property better than how we originally inspected it. Whether it is improvements, repairs or new installations; we are determined to get it done.

Residential & Commercial


We have worked on numerous of commercial projects located in Downtown Los Angeles


Most of our work comes from residential homes, we are constantly improving and remodeling our client’s home to their satisfaction.

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